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Interactive Puppy with Actions, Lights, Sounds and Sensors

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Play w/ me: RC, Gesture, Adventure, Program Actions, Lights and Sounds
These interactive pups have light up eyes and respond when you make a gesture at the front of their eyes or press their noses with adorable puppy sounds! And It also comes with the remote control. Let the puppy Walk, slide, run forward, slide backward, turn left, turn right, sit down, stand up and dance... Cute friends puppy. Adopt one now!
This cute and interactive puppy will be the perfect gift for your nephew and niece, grandson and granddaughter. The puppy will bring so much fun to your family. And such delicate package is also ideal gift to others.
Fun isn't it? Just have it.



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It is fun for little girls or boys and also entertaining for older kids and teens. Interactive pup responds to wireless & gesture with cute barks & adorable tricks!
What's New? - RC, Gesture, Adventure, STEM and w/ USB Charging Port.
Sensors Built-in Eyes. Gesture sensing, Adventure - allowing the puppy to respond fast and make corresponding actions after receiving the command of gestures.
It comes w/ USB charging port. We dont need to open the battery compartment. Charging time is about 2 hours, which can offer 1.5-3 hours playing time and 15-30 days in standby mode. 
Use the keys to program the puppy dog actions with a max of 30 actions. It's the idea tool for teaching concepts in robotics, science, art, and technology to young kids.


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