BIRANCO. Flower Garden Building Set - Grow up! Fun Stacking Toys for Toddlers and Kids Age 3-6 Year Olds, Educational Activity for Preschool, Cool STEM Gardening Gifts for Girls (138 PCS)

BIRANCO. Flower Garden Building Set - Grow up! Fun Stacking Toys for Toddlers and Kids Age 3-6 Year Olds, Educational Activity for Preschool, Cool STEM Gardening Gifts for Girls (138 PCS)

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  • Model: 1111
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  • Brand: BIRANCO.

CIRCUMFERENCE 22.75 22.25 21.75
EAR TO EAR OVER THE TOP 13.5 12.75 12.5
NAPE OF NECK 6 5.5 5
Measurement Guide

How to Take Measurements

1. Pin hair as flat and as tight as possible before taking the measurements.

2. Round your measurements up no t down. Example: 12 3/4 should be rounded up to 13 and 12 1/4 should be rounded up to 12 1/2.

Note: If you are bald or do not have a hair line - you do not need to add the inch - simply put the tape measure where you would like your hairline to begin with the wig. The averages below are just examples. Not everyone will meet these measurements - some may be under or over and that is perfectly fine.

  • Circumference

    1. Circumference

    Measure all around the head. Position tape measure so its edge follows the hair line around the head and nape of
    the neck. (Average measurement is 22 inches).

  • Forehead to Nape of neck

    2. Forehead to Nape of neck

    Measure from hairline at center of forehead straight back over crown to center of
    hairline at nape of neck. (Average measurement is 13 1/2 inches).

  • Ear to Ear Across Front Hairline

    3. Ear to Ear Across Front Hairline

    At front of ear, measure from hairline at base of sideburn, up across the hair line along forehead to same point in
    front of other ear. (Average measurement is 11 1/2 inches).

  • Ear to Ear Over the Top

    4. Ear to Ear Over the Top

    Measure from hairline directly above the ear across top of head to the hairline directly above the other ear.
    (Average measurement is 11 inches).

  • Temple to Temple Around Back

    5. Temple to Temple Around Back

    From temple to temple across the back of head. (Average measurement is 14 inches).

  • Nape of Neck

    6. Nape of Neck

    Measure the width of hairline across the nape of the neck. (Average measurement is 6 inches).

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Grow it at the big flowerpots. Inspire Imaginative Play. The flowers stems and branches can grow up, bend and diverge freely! Top preschool educational toy - 2nd generation flower building toy set. Flowers of all sorts are blooming as real naturally with delicate-color flowers and delicate-shaped stems.

Build a bouquet now!
Made of harmless PP plastic. No BPA, Phthalates, PVC or external coatings. Floral arrangement to form a bouquet will cultivate children's creativity and imagination. Assortment of vibrant and colorful will help them learn the parts of flowers so they recognize them in the real world. Flower building can improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Also develop the sense of beauty and creativity. Plus it's just fun to put these flowers, stems, leaves and bases together. It is a simple but fun toy.

Stacking Set, Assorted
This brightly colored 138 piece-set includes 8 dark green bases, 60 spring green stems and leaf pieces, and 68 pink, purple, and yellow flower pieces, and 2 big flowerpots. At last this pretend gardening set is entertaining and educational - girls and boys age 2 - 8. Stack interchangeably. Cool for kids to learn stacking, colors and all about nature.

Portable & Popular
Includes a convenient clear fashion light blue storage box with carrying handle, which makes cleanup easy and travel hassle-free. And It wont be easy to lose the bases, stems, leaves and flower pieces by storing in a box. This floral arrangement toy is very interesting, not only loved by kids but also adults who love nature and flowers. They will like to play together.

Package List
A convenient clear big light blue storage box with carrying handle (Size: 11.4*8.5*6.8 in)
8 green bases
60 stem and leaf pieces
68 brightly colored flower pieces
2 big flowerpots
1 booklet


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Mark Dees.
Fun for 4-5 year olds
John Karpinski.
Such a Great Gift for a 3 year old!!
Wesley Fink.
Honestly these are so cute! My daughter plays with them for hours building gardens. She even put one of her "gardens" on display in the living room! I have caught myself building gardens too.. it's very fun!...
Emerson Morales.
Great item. Creative entertaining. The lock on the box is not very durable but everything else is great.
Ramiel Bamberger.
Very creative and fun.
Dominic Esposito.
It's a great set. The two 11 year olds enjoyed playing with this set with the 5 year old. It's hard to find a decent toy they want to play with along with her. This one hit the mark, and there are enough bases for everyone to do their own thing. ...
Mark Abbott.
My granddaughter could not be more excited that she gets to create something new with her flower set every day. Absolutely a great find and money well spent!
Charles Taylor.
The colors are bright, the pieces are strong and it has a lot of parts for deferential designs, My Granddaughter loved it!
James Millsap.
We count them. we build them we go over the colors and she sorts them. She really really loves them.
Chris Herrman.
Three years old was an ideal starting age for us.
James Hodge.
I have 3 little girls who love to be creative and this allows them hundreds of ways to make something new every time they play with it! Love the storage box that comes along with it! Would definitely recommend this product!...
Jared Gobert.
My granddaughter has fun with it
Leon Fullbuster.
My six-year-old daughter got this for Christmas from me, and she absolutely loves it. There are so many shapes and pieces to choose from and it comes with a couple bases she loves to set up flowers for her Garden in her bedroom and helps us get through the winter months with a little bit of nice green and colorful scenery....
Sean Mangal.
Creative and fun toy!
Alexander Demisse.
Good product grandchildren love it
Donnie Harbert.
We chose this product over the other similar items because it came with the carrying case, which has been crucial!
David Harshman.
Great little girl gift
Enrique Estrada.
This flower set is amazing! The bin it comes with for storage of the items is perfect for my three year old to pick up after herself and put it all away! My three year daughter loved it, but so did my nine year old girl and four year old son!...
Anthony Polizzi.
This kit includes plenty of options and the storage case is great as it keeps all of the pieces organized neatly in one place when not in use.
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